workshops 2013


Raising Healthy Kids has been partnering with schools, youth organization and businesses to support parents to raise children who thrive. Over the past year, those partners have included:

  • Dublin School  District, Dublin CA
  • Kolb Elementary School, Dublin CA
  • Loomis Basin Charter School, Loomis CA
  • Franklin  Elementary School, Loomis CA
  • Del Oro High School, Loomis CA
  • Nevada City School District, Nevada City CA
  • Deer Creek Elementary School, Nevada City CA
  • Seven Hills Middle School, Nevada City CA
  • Bayview Hunter’ Point YMCA, San Francisco CA
  • East Bay Eclipse Soccer Club, Moraga CA


Enjoy the summer break with your children! We do not have any workshops scheduled during the summer but  call us to see about getting a workshop scheduled in your community for the fall. (925) 360-3460












Here is what you will take away each week from our dynamic, hands-on sessions…


Session 1:  “Understanding Your Families Opportunities”

                    –  Healthy family characteristics
                    –  Assessment
                    –  Links between emotional, physical and academic health
                    Tool Kit: Meaningful conversations


Session 2:  “Security” (emotional health)

                    –  Key to emotional health
                    –  Relationship Model
                    –  Ways we communicate
                    Tool Kit: Communication Plan


Session 3:  “Energy” (physical health)

                    –  Energy patterns
                    –  Science of nutrition and brain chemistry
                    –  Nutritional choices, physical activity, sleep
                    Tool Kit: Indicators, Peak Performance Plan


Session 4:  “Unique Giftedness” (academic health)

                    –  Individual Learning Styles
                    –  Character
                    –  Enrichment
                    Tool Kit: Enrichment Plan


Session 5:  “The Whole Child” (putting it all together)

                    –  Tools and Frameworks
                    –  Emotional, Physical and Academic Health in Context
                    –  Next Steps
                    Tool Kit: Capability Plan