the “healthy” child









If you are a parent, you know it’s not easy to always know what to do when it comes to your children (whether they are toddlers or teenagers). These energetic, curious, and creative beings did not come with a manual. Like so many of us you have doubts and are constantly looking for the answers. Over the years of listening to family’s concerns, we have found good parenting boils down to raising emotionally, physically, and academically healthy kids. We can help you find the answers to these important questions…



What do you do as a family to create play?

How do you help kids discover, celebrate and grow their strengths?

How do you raise great kids in complicated times?



What do your kids actually eat when you are not around?

How much time do your kids spend playing outside each day?

How do you teach kids to make responsible decisions about their bodies?


If your child is an athlete, please also visit Raising Healthy Athletes!



How do you foster a love for learning in your kids?

How do you teach kids to make responsible choices to become independent learners?

How do you support your child’s development through extra-curricular activities?


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