how we help

Partnering with neighborhood businesses, schools and congregations, we are able to offer you the following exciting and informative programs…


Coffee Talks

Host or join a 30 minute informational, hands-on gathering to learn ways to handle the challenges most parents face. Discover effective and fun methods to bring joy, fun and respect into your family life.



We offer a 5 week workshop series focusing on the 3 components of raising healthy kids, their emotional, physical and academic health and how they affect each other. Each week will center on one of these aspects and how it influences the other two.  We will focus on making simple changes with big results to transform our families.

Every session we will:

  • Address the specific issues happening in your family and create a proactive plan.
  • Learn a tool or skill.
  • Practice it.
  • Then, take it home and use it.



1-1 Coaching and Specialist Support

Create rapid transformation:

  • Individual support
  • Access to a library of reliable resources–referrals to enrichment programs

Realize the healthy, happy and productive family you’ve always wanted.